Welcome to the The Sharebro Lexicon!

The new home of the Sharebro Lexicon, formerly hosted at If you're new to the Lexicon or to r2k, this wiki exists as a reference for the language of our community. This all got started in 2011 after the demise of Google Reader, an RSS reader with sharing capabilities and, as we learned firsthand, a huge and devoted following. In the time since Google Reader was discontinued, a spate of replacements cropped up. The ones most relevant to this wiki are, or r2k, (which is now the primary source of data for this wiki) and, or ThOR. For more on the origin story of The Sharebro Lexicon, check out the manifesto.

What the Hell are You People Talking About?

Over time, The Sharebro Lexicon has become a convenient place to store non-technical information related to r2k, particularly when that information relates to decoding mysterious hashtags. We're just happy our weird, over-the-top #jokes about salvage ethnography ended up being legitimately useful to someone! So, in this new iteration of the Lexicon, here's what you'll find:

A) The R2K Welcome Wagon

For everyone, especially those who are new to the madness or are too drunk to remember the shortcuts.

B) The R2K Museum of Unnatural History

For OGs who want to reminisce, and others who might care to gawk at things that happened many internet-years ago.

Coming soon:

  • Annie Day
  • Reader Award Winners
  • A Secret Sandusky Retrospective
  • sharebrocity

C) Guide for Contributors

Rules of the road, to be amended as needed as we figure out how to work this thing.

Latest activity

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